We can’t be physically together but we are definitely united!
Check out the videos and images!. 

Day 3

Thank you Gen-la for giving us such meaningful teachings over the last two days.  We so appreciate this teaching on the benefits of patient acceptance. 

Day 2

Buddhas are the real woke.  They are the real awakened ones.  Watch this short excerpt of Gen-la Khyenrab explaining how Buddhas have woken up from the deep sleep of ignorance.

“I am deeply moved and inspired by Geshe-la’s teachings and special blessings of Buddha Avalokiteshvara that we are receiving from Gen-la Khyenrab, Gen Sanden, and Kelsang Khacho (and tomorrow, Gen Rigden), brought to us with extraordinary heart and wisdom.

Gen Sanden’s words during the introduction were beautifully sincere, calling upon us, reminding us, to “gather our forces” and “marshal the five forces to help us accomplish our wishes” to increase and develop our compassion, our Bodhichitta, and put this force (these forces) behind our Dharma practice.

Like Gen-la Khyenrab emphasized today, so clearly and directly (before the empowerment), that without compassion for all living beings, our Dharma practice is limited; it needs the power of compassion, the final and most powerful force of Buddha Avalokiteshvara, to take us to the final goal – that of enlightenment – for the benefit of all living beings without exception. How sublime! 

This is truly a celebration of how fortunate we are. I feel very blessed – and we are very blessed – with love, Valerie”

Day 1

The celebration has started but it’s not too late to join us!  Watch part of Gen Sanden’s Powerful introduction where he explains why attending a celebration is absolutely essential if we want to make progress in our spiritual path.  


Thank you to our Toronto Sangha (Eng) for helping to bring this celebration to us! 
Happy faces of our ordained Sangha after Sojong on Friday! 

Photos and testimonials of our Sangha

The WCDC is for everyone;) Gen Sanden’s intro was so inspiring and included teachings I hadn’t heard before… can’t wait for more! I’m very grateful to be able to share in this celebration from the comfort and safety of my home and be with our Western Canada Sangha… and others that I love. It’s not too late for you to join us!! 

What a precious opportunity to remove obstacles and receive blessing to develop the mind of universal compassion!

Dear Friends looking forward to seeing you all again soon, much love Rae

It takes many hands for a celebration to appear