The Power of Love

Western Canada Dharma Celebration | Feb 3 – 5, 2023
The Power of Love – Transforming Ourself and Our World

What is the Western Canada Dharma Celebration?  The WCDC is a 3 day annual event held in Vancouver. It is open to everyone looking to learn lasting solutions to the problems of our contemporary world.  It is a weekend filled with inspiring, enjoyable and practical explanations of Buddhist teaching and meditation. This year our theme is the power of love.  

Loving-kindness is arguably the most important example we can show in our troubled world.  Why?  Because when we have a strong loving mind, our whole experience of the world changes.  Love protects us from discouragement, hatred, fear and other negativities that destroy our mental peace.  In addition, as we develop a more loving attitude, others feel this change and respond to it in a positive way.  Developing our good heart will always bring good results for ourself and our world.  In this very real sense, love has the power to transform our community and our world.

Learn how to develop a good heart by attending this powerful, transformative weekend event:  The Western Canada Dharma Celebration (WCDC) is open to everyone looking for deeper, lasting solutions to the problems of our contemporary world.  This year, it will be taught by Gen Kelsang Rigpa, the New Kadampa Tradition Western US National Spiritual Director and Resident Teacher at KMC LA.   Gen Rigpa is an internationally renowned teacher and Kadampa Buddhist monk who is known for his clear presentations of dharma, enabling students to discover for themselves how to integrate these timeless teachings into our modern world.

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Teachings, meditation, a blessing empowerment, and more:  This weekend celebration offers inspiring, enjoyable and practical Buddhist teachings, guided meditation and prayer.  On Saturday there will be a special blessing empowerment of Buddha Maitreya, the Buddha of loving-kindness.   An empowerment is a special blessing ceremony that connects us with enlightened wisdom and fills us with inspiring energy.  By receiving the blessings of Buddha Maitreya, we will come to grow the best qualities within us, pure and universal love, and become a source of peace and happiness for others.  In between sessions there is time to rest and relax in the peaceful meditation space and community room.

In 2023, we invite you to choose love.  Through becoming familiar with the three aspects of love – affectionate, cherishing, and wishing love — we can solve our own problems and become a source of true refuge for others.

Join us for the 2023 Western Canada Celebration!